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BriGuy's List O' Good Stuff
HTML / CGI / Perl5.003 Notes
MAPI Notes from Eudora, and a history
Current weather in Mammoth Lakes. Current radar in Mammoth Lakes. Snow in Mammoth Mountain resort and Big Bear Lakes - 2020-2021
FreeSound.org, lots of royalty-free sounds and recordings
My Alaska Internship Experience 1994 !
Notes on Linux Binary Analysis
Bookmarks around the web(partial list)

Freeway Speeds - Sigalert.com
wttr.in local weather
CA Tide and Surf Reports
Mostly Southern CA Ski Resorts
Welcome to Ski.com
World Ski Resorts
Eastern Sierra Transit Authority map of Mammoth Lakes
Source Code of this Homepage (last updated: 07/28/18)
So far, so much: Revised since 07/10/20
(Hey, Edgar...where is ya!)
Other Neat-o, Beat-o Pages

Mark's House
Jason Grapilon Day, the Australian golfer
Math tutoring with Dr. Medrano

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